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Virtual Reality Classes & Programs

for healing and transformation...

I AM THE HONORED GUEST AT YOUR HEALING This 7 week course is all about healing the wounds of the inner child. - healing womb and birth trauma - reversing effects of all kinds of abuse - transforming patterns - creating a new life


JOURNEY INTO POWER This 7 week course teaches students the art and skill of manifesting: - getting clear about "what you want" - creating clear mental picture of your desires - understanding the "process" of creating - turning pain into joy


DESIGNING MY EXTRAORDINARY LIFE This course is for advanced students who are ready to commit and practice what it takes to become a master co-creator, manifesto and compassionate human being in the universe.

Money Grows

MY MONEY GROWS ON TREES This 12 week course teaches: - How to attract more money - Open Self to receiving - - Learning the art and skill of attracting your heart's desires.

Intimacy Without Responsibility

INTIMACY WITHOUT RESPONSIBILITY - The Conscious Evolution of LOVE This 7 week course takes students on an inner journey toward conscious love and communication: - how to love someone without taking care of their feelings - how to commit to being true to your own Self and still love deeply - work through intimacy boundaries and sabotaging relationship behaviors

Underneath Addiction

UNDERNEATH ADDICTION This course is for all people who are interested in healing and transformation of what is underneath addiction. Questions addressed: - why does one become addicted - why are family members part of the addiction dynamic - what does birth have to do with addiction

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