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Intimacy Without responsibility... the conscious evolution of love


Intimacy Without Responsibility is a class, a workshop and a book - all about relationships, communication, love and living in deep relationship with someone else WITHOUT taking responsibility for that person's happiness or life.


This class is also about the mystery and sacred space that relationship takes us. Intimacy Without Responsibility teaches - that every person I attract into my life is a part of me, my wholeness, a missing piece of my healing puzzle- that no matter what happens in this relationship, I am moving toward higher consciousness and the evolution of my being.


Intimacy Without Responsibility is about the conscious evolution of love! When we truly heal and take care of our own issues, we are able to love others more deeply!Ready for some Transformational Relationship Work?


JOIN us for a 7 Week ON-LINE CLASS offered on the DailyOM. Students will receive Weekly Classwork and Assignments with Video - for a healing and transformational adventure! Join the FACEBOOK COMMUNITY for Intimacy Without Responsibility for updates on this class offering.


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Next Live experiential workshop in SOULVILLE To Be Announced.


This series is an opportunity for COUPLES or INDIVIDUALS to do some depth healing work with the principles in the book, Intimacy without Responsibility. Participants will explore relationship patterns and beliefs, learn the art and skill of honest, real communication, understand how personal wounds become re-created in present relationship, discover lost personal passion, and become deliberate creators of loving relationship.



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