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Soulville Men's Group

1st and 3rd Monday each month in Soulville 

The Men’s Group at Soulville is intended to be a place for Men to gather and form a community of support to help one another be better men. We aim to achieve this through seeking a better understanding of who we are and why we do what we do by simple process work. When we have a clear picture of who we are we can choose to make new goals. 


In the general melee (chaos & struggle) of life men are charged with being competitive, providers and fixers. The Alpha Male, we are taught - is our goal, which has created a considerable amount of pain and suffering in the world. It is possible for men to succeed without being the top dog or the man with the biggest stick. 


A lasting fulfillment can be achieved through knowing who you are, making your own choices and being a part of a community where you can be authentic and accountable.  The Soulville Men’s Group is essentially a spiritual journey with such intention, open to all faiths and denominations. 

  Phone: (561) 252-9390


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Graham Bailey

For over a decade Graham Bailey has been a student of the Kabbalah Centre, and for over five years lead their Mentor Program. Prior to this he studied with John Heider, PHD (author of the Tao of Leadership) in group process work.  In the late nineties he did Group Leadership Training with John for 2 years. In 1984 Graham became aware of and engaged the new work being done in the field of Adult Children of Alcoholics, which then became a central form of his spiritual journey. Currently, Graham is in the process of internship as a student of Soul Studies Institute, Inc. a part of the Soulville Community in Stuart, Florida.  

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