The Imagination Process

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The Imagination Process is a passionate and deep healing and

transformational journey through the middle - a walk into the past,

present and future - a personal transformation toward higher

consciousness, peace, joy, love and all possibilities!


People can re-invent, re-image, remember and re-claim their lives

through The Imagination Process work.


The program is psycho-spiritual, meaning that it integrates one’s

psyche and spirit. It is transpersonal (beyond the individual self),

and shamanic (honoring the death and rebirth cycles) opening to

the mystery of the Universe and teaches people how to love

themselves - hence we call it a Transhamanic Adventure!


The Imagination Process offers holistic healing for:

- PTSD and Trauma

- Depression and Mood Disorders

- Grief and Loss

- Codependency

- Loss of Self and Spirituality

- Transformation for Couples

- Depth Recovery Aftercare


The Imagination Process works to change lives as participants feel, heal and

resolve old pain and bring unconscious patterns from birth, childhood and family

of origin experiences into CONSCIOUSNESS. Participants experience a depth

exploration of the patterns and beliefs about Self and the world, which create

their present reality.

I am amazed that this  program is in Stuart, Florida!  It is amazing, incredible and I have never found anything like it in the whole country!

- Sara Bronson

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