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  Conscious Transformation Community of Venus Rising   
501 (c)3 Psycho-Spiritual Center  


Relax.  everything is

right on schedule.

Soulville Community has been around Stuart, Florida for a while...

started by Wendyne Limber in 1990 beginning with her private practice, Solutions Center for Personal Growth in downtown Stuart.  Wendyne went on to design  and be known for The Imagination Process ™ a healing and transformation - 6 month process to help people heal the past and create a new and beautiful future.


Many people joined her.  Those who were ready to heal and make big life changes, those who wanted to study transpersonal work,  those in pain and those ready to move toward greatness and higher consciousness.  Eventually Wendyne was joined by her sister,

Petrina McGowen and incredible friend,  Heartsong, 

(who became a co-founder of Soulville) and then

many others....


Today SOULVILLE has become a place to

heal and transform, a place for spiritual growth,

a place to do depth healing and transformation

of old wounds...

a place to practice becoming

real, raw and joyful...

a place to learn the sacred art

of surrendering over and over

again to the unknown.  

The people come and go...

heal and transform...

move on to discover the real self...

connect to community...

and LOVE.

 And so it is!

We are  guiding and loving people all around the world...



toward their highest potential

and being.

 We connect on the web and in the 5th Dimension. Join us for healing, transformation and an evolutionary journey into the unknown....

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