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Healing & Transformation

Workshops And Healing Programs

Most of our programs are offered on ZOOM at this time...

ME Underneath Addiction
28 Day Virtual class for all addictions.
Wendyne Limber, Solutions Center
Marriage and Family Therapy. Founder of Soulville and Soul Studies Institute.
Petrina McGowen, TheraPetee PLC
Always Love, Therapy and the Creative Arts...
Heartsong Healing
Spiritual Counseling. Ceremony. Breathwork.
Soul Studies Institute
We offer training to become Transformational Life Coach...
Imagination Process™
21 Week Healing and Transformation Process...
Soul Writing
Writing. Sharing. Opening. Expressing. Healing. Transforming.
Shamanic Breathwork
The Shamanic Breathwork™ Process is a power­ful heal­ing process...
Intimacy Without Responsibility
The Conscious Evolution of Love. Workshops offered throughout the year.
Mens Group
Sharing. Feeling. Communicating. Resolving. Being Real
Improv and Performance
Expressing in the Moment for healing and transformation...
Grief for Overdose Support
Grief for Overdose Support
Community Events
Soulville Community offers monthly events for all people in the community.
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