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  Conscious Transformation Community of Venus Rising    501 (c)3 Psycho-Spiritual Center  
We are here holding safe space and love for all...

Mission and Purpose

Soulville Conscious Transformation Community of Venus Rising is a 501(c)3 not for profit spiritual organization in Stuart, Florida. Our Mission and Purpose is to provide a sacred community and retreat for psycho-spiritual evolution, healing and transformation - as we guide and love people toward their highest potential and being.


We are a soulful community here to help people know who they really are, and to offer unique healing programs, workshops, classes, ceremonies, and transformational practices that lead toward an extraordinary life.

In all of our work and offerings we utilize methods for discovering the unconscious beliefs that run our lives. We believe one can change the past energetically, and are committed to helping people do just that, so every individual can reach their highest potential and being.

Through our work and teachings,one can explore  higher consciousness, receive 
deep healing and transformation, contemplate the mysteries of the universe and learn how to live in love, peace and joy on earth.

​​​Soulville Conscious Transformation Community of Venus Rising is a 501(c)3 organization - connected to many practitioners - teachers, therapists, counselors, and transformation coaches as well as The Imagination Process  offering depth healing of core wounds, trauma, addiction, co-dependency, grief and much more.  

 Soulville Conscious Transformation Community was founded by Wendyne Limber and Pamela Heartsong Rigel in 2009 and is connected to Venus Rising Association for Transformation. Some of our programs and offerings are services of our non-profit  spiritual organization and other programs require payment of fees for services.


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