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Conscious Transformation Community of Venus Rising

501 (c)3 not for profit Psycho-Spiritual center

A Village

for the Soul


Join us as we help all souls heal and transform... transformation center

thank you for your help !!!

Tax Deductible Donation

We are fundraising now to be able to assist all people toward their highest potential.  Your donation will help someone be able to do the healing and transformational work.  Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated.


We are also desiring to build the new Soulville spiritual center in Stuart, Florida - a sacred space for people to heal, transform, meditate and connect - a retreat from the normal every day environment for an hour, a few hours or a weekend - to grow, heal and connect to the higher dimensions of wholeness and oneness. Your donation may assist us with this project as well.

Our Mission and purpose is to establish a soulful community of the spirit as we create a safe and sacred space for people to connect, meditate and deepen spirituality, explore higher consciousness, receive deep healing and transformation, contemplate the mysteries of the universe and learn how to live in love, peace and joy on earth.

Soulville Transformation Community will serve the spiritual community with weekly and monthly offerings for all - Meditation, Community Ceremony and Service, Kirtan, Theatre of the Soul, Shamanic Breathwork, Kundalini Yoga, Spiritual Counseling and more. 

Your TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION right now will help more than you know.  We can raise the funds necessary to build Soulville Spiritual Center one person, heart and soul at a time - then joining the whole for a new creation.

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